Privacy Policy

By visiting the website and making purchases, you consent to the collection, processing and use of your personal data. By Personal Data, we mean any information about You that allows us to identify You, for example, first/last name, address or email address (hereinafter “Data”).

Below you can get acquainted with the privacy policy of the website.

1. Collection of personal data

  • Contact information, such as your first/last name, address, phone number, email address.
  • Information about purchases: types of products to be purchased, amount to be paid, card type, payment methods, delivery address, etc.
  • User registration data from your personal page on the Site, which may include contact information, information about purchases and preferences, as well as your personal page password, the list of products in the cart or saved for future purchase, the list of products viewed and other information about your account.

2. Use of personal data

The primary purpose of data collection for us is to provide you safe, convenient, efficient and personalized services. The purposes of using personal data are as follows:

  • To provide services to you, to regulate the process of your payments and orders,
  • Establish contact with you when formulating an order.

3. Use of personal data

  The personal information you provide is used only in the following cases:

  • To formulate orders and carry out the delivery process. We share your personal data – name, address, phone number—only with those persons who need to carry out the delivery of your order.
  • To carry out the payment process. We share your payment method information (debit/credit card numbers) with the bank or financial institution we work with.
  • To allow you to access your personal Page and share information on the Internet. You can share information via the Internet: Facebook, Google, Instagram. When you use this feature, you provide certain information to the website on which you share that information.

4. Safety

The information you provide to us is considered strictly confidential and may not be provided to any third person.